Email that was sent to all classmates on Tuesday 21 August 2007

CHS 1958 Classmates,

Tonight we had our first meeting to plan the CHS 50th Reunion for our Class. As you know, in the past, Carol Corey Duncan has always done this effort by herself, but since she has recently died, we have come together to ensure that we have a great 50th reunion. Carol would surely want us to do this.

Our first goal is to set a date for the reunion. We would like as many classmates as possible attend the reunion, so we are asking all of you which month in 2008 is the best for you.

We are planning events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend. A Friday evening socializing event, a Saturday evening Dinner with music and a Sunday Mass followed by a brunch. This will give us multiple opportunities to renew acquaintances with all of you. The Reunion Committee had fun renewing acquaintances this evening and we are looking forward to meet all of you.

Please let us know if you prefer a weekend in August or September of 2008.

The general opinion is that the music should be subdued or in the background, versus a loud DJ. This would enable us to have a good conversation with our classmates, and do some dancing. What is your opinion?

I will put a photo of the 50th Reunion Committee at our website at

If your address has changed in the last 5 years (the 45th Reunion) please send me your new address and phone number.

Once we get your responses, we will make a decision for our reunion weekend. We will send a letter to all classmates with an initial schedule and ask for an initial commitment so that we can plan based on the number of attendees. This will enable you to put that weekend in your 2008 schedule. Later when we have made contact with everyone, we will send a more formal letter with the expected costs and ask for a real commitment and a check.

Hope to hear from you soon. Please forward this email to other classmates that you know are not on this mailing list.

Thanks, John Fisher

Please reply NOW to this email or send me your response at
August or September?
What type of Music?
At this time, do you plan to attend?
Do we have your current address & phone number?