Cathedral High School
Class of 1958 65th Reunion
July 15 2023

Our Hosts were Jane Gariepy Farrell and Gary at their home on Saturday

They gave us a Wonderful Reunion

Thank You Jane and Gary


19 Classmates and 29 Attendees in Total


Carol Brunnell (Ron's wife)
Chet Brunnell
Roland Dion
Gloria Dufresne Brunette
Emery Corey and Mary Anne Quinn
John Fisher & Kathleen Desany
Claire Forcier Smith & Richard
Jane Gariepy Farrell & Gary
Carleen Gravel Lehoullier
Joyce Guyette Desautels & Bob
Maureen Harrington Cagliuso & daughter Christine
Phil Joachim & Judy Echo
Sheila Kehoe Diggle
Patsy Langlois Gamelin & Larry
Carolyn Lavallee Mckenzie
Julia Lawler Palmer & son Dan & granddaughter Megan
Ron Paquette & Priscilla
James Reid


Phil, Chet and Maureen


Patsy and Kathy


Carolyn in front and Maureen, Christine and Gloria


Carleen and Gary


John, Gary, Joyce, Bob, Gloria and Maureen


Kathy and Carol


Patsy and Carolyn


Chet and Roland


Joyce and Jane


Mary Anne, Emery and James




Larry Gamelin


Sheila, Patsy and Carolyn


Julia, Dan and Jane


Phil, Jane, Claire and Gloria


Chet and Gloria


Carolyn, Claire, Kathy and Carol


Ron, Priscilla and Bob


At Paulines Restaurant on Sunday, with Joan Cannizzaro

and Carleen, Sheila and Julia