Cathedral High School - Class of 1958 Updates

Changes Made
11-11-2020 Added Troop27 photo and CHS Football Newspaper article. Updated Danny Clarks email address
10-18-2018 Site migrated to a new PSPINC server
08-18-2018 Added Maurice Brodeur obit. As we all met on the 1st day of our 60th reunion in Burlington, we were all shocked to hear of the passing of Moe, partly because that he and Anita has siged up to attend the reunion. Rest in Peace Moe.
Jun 2018 Added pics of Brian Burns
2018 Many updates due to our 60th reunion in August
Dec 2017 Adding many updates for Email addresses; added our Class Will
11-16- 2017 Added a photo of Patsy Langlois and Larry Gamelin
Nov 2017 Adding many updates for Email addresses
11-05-2016 Added death date and place for Marie Ann Quesnel
11-4-2016 Added death info on Claire Audette Gates & Judy Muir Collins; Harold Pouliot & Harry Bourgeois
11-4-2016 Added John Cannizzaro military info
07-18-2016 Added John Sharpley military info
07-17-2016 Added 58th reunion pics
09-27-2014 Added the 56th reunion info and pics
09-22-2013 Added the 55th reunion info and pics
08-02-2010 Added email and 2 pics for Rita Smith Cardinal
01-12-2009 Added info on passing of Bill Mayette
10-29-2008 Added 19 photo's taken by Edward Worcester
09-18-2008 Added 40 photo's taken by Carleen Gravel Lehouiller and 28 by Ron Brunell
09-10-2008 Added pic of Linda Burleigh Smith
09-08-2008 Added the 1958 Commencement Sheet (4 pages) donated by David Joachim
08-22-2008 Added our 50th Class Photo that names every classmate - you can print it!
08-04-2008 NOTE: The Yahoogroup for CHS58 is out of date - I'll get to it some day later
08-04-2008 Added Sally Lumbra Lord's email address
08-03-2008 Added pic of Armand and Patricia Poney
08-03-2008 WOW!!! 3 wonderful days of Reunion !!! Everyone had a great time!
07-24-2008 Added military info for Dan Risik
07-21-2008 Added pic of John Dower - midlife crisis
07-20-2008 Added bio and pics for Jeannette Bishop Racine
07-19-2008 Updated attendees - 102 are coming Saturday, 90 on Friday and 95 on Sunday
07-15-2008 Updated Attendance info column based on todays final returns
07-15-2008 Added bio & pic for John Casey
07-15-2008 Added Kathleen Millettes email address
07-10-2008 Added bio for Barbara Bissonnette Poulin
07-08-2008 Added Bio & Pics for Ted Yandow
07-08-2008 Added Bio & Pics and Military info for Jerry Chouinard
07-07-2008 Added bio & pics for Carol Thibault Tilley
07-06-2008 Added Bio and pics for Maureen Harrington
07-01-2008 DEADLINE Added Bio & Pics of Sheila Kehoe Diggle
06-30-2008 Added email, bio and pics for Virginia Fargione
06-30-2008 Added Bio for Doris Brault
06-30-2008 Added Bio for Keith Peters
06-29-2008 Added pics for Julia Lawler Palmer
06-24-2008 Added a Link to my Cathedral webpage
06-17-2008 Added Bio for Janet Laramee
06-16-2008 Added another pic of Royce & grandchildren
06-04-2008 Added pic of John Childs Family
05-29-2008 Bio & pic for Kathy Fayette Baumann
05-25-2008 Bio & pic for Royce Pollard
05-23-2008 Updated Phil DeLaricheliere's pic - BIGGER FISH!
05-22-2008 Bio & pics for John Sharpley
05-21-2008 Added two LINKS to James Tuxbury's "Steel Deck Navy" website
05-20-2008 Bio for Peter Bessery
05-16-2008 Bio for Julia Lawler Palmer
04-28-2008 Bio & pics for Chet Brunell
04-28-2008 Bio & pics for Allice Lussier Sutton
04-17-2008 Bio & pic for Sandra Brown Stevens
04-12-2008 Bio & pic for Judy English te. Riele (Update Jan Laramee email)
04-12-2008 Bio & pic for Patricia Metras Devers
04-07-2008 Bio and pic for Gloria Coleman Lemon
04-03-2008 Bio and pic for Sally Lumbra
04-03-2008 Add Moe Brodeur's military history
04-02-2008 Added Bio & pic for Moe Brodeur and Anita Prim
03-30-2008 Sharon McCaffrey Conova has found us!!! She lives in Pawlet, VT
03-12-2008 Added Bio and pic of Carol Lapointe Boisvert
02-29-2008 Added Bio and pic of Carolyn Lavallee McKenzie
02-27-2008 Added 2 pics of Royce and grandchildren & pic of our 40th
02-25-2008 Added Bio & pic for Edward & Kathryn Couture
02-23-2008 Added Bio & pics for Anette Coyle Baronoski
02-11-2008 Added Bio & pics for Robert (Bob) Racicot
02-10-2008 Added 2 pics for Ron & Pat Grow
02-07-2008 Bio & pic for Mary Obrien Sladyk
02-05-2008 Bio & pic for Joan Safford Cannizzaro
01-30-2008 Bio & pic for Classmates Bill Mayette and Janet Begin
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Bob Desautels & Joyce Guyette
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Roland Dion
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Greg Premo
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Phil Delaricheliere
01-18-2007 Back from El Paso, TX; added Claire Forcier bio & pics
12-30-2007 Added pic of Maureen Harrington Cagliuso's family
12-28-2007 Bio & pics for Jane Gariepy & Mary Kadas
12-27-2007 Added pics for Phil & Judy Joachim
12-22-2007 Bio & pic for Carmen Dufresne Cross
12-20-2007 Bio & pic for John Childs + US Navy blimp
12-17-2007 Bio & pic for Ron Grow + US Navy
12-14-2007 Bio & pic for Sonia Bonk
12-13-2007 Bio for Ann Mahoney Woglom
12-12-2007 Bio's & pics for Butch Dion & Barbara Corley; added Military data
12-8-2007 Bio & pics for Brenda Leclair & Bob
12-4-2007 Bio & pic for Ron Paqutte
12-3-2007 Bio for Phil Joachim, Jim Reid and Ron Brunell
12-01-2007 Bio & pic for Emery Corey & Mary Ann Quinn
11-29-2007 Bio & pic for Ken Bissonette & Catherine
11-27-2007 Bios for Margaret Gonyo Brigante & Armand Poney
11-18-2007 Mike Pearo bio completed
11-16-2007 Linda Burleigh bio recvd; Paul Devino deceased
11-1-2007 Added Jim Tuxbury's ship
10-31-2007 Added Hotels per Carleen
10-29-2007 Cannizzaro bio done
10-28-2007 Update Tuxbury info - recvd Bio
10-25-2007 Added all classmates to the website
10-17-2007 Added Dick Meunier & James Ploof
10-10-2007 Added pic of Mike & Carleen's family
10-05-2007 Added copies of letters being mailed today; added Maps for Elks & Janes House
10-01-2007 Added pic by Jim Tuxbury
9-29-2007 Added Jim Ploof email; more pics
9-19-2007 Added Ralph Coyne
9-16-2007 Added email and entry for Brenda Leclair
9-15-2007 Added 50th Reunion info and bio sample etc
9-10-2007 Added Burlington Webcams & pics of Risik & Dower
9-09-2007 Added Google Mashup to show where everyone is living today
9-08-2007 Added photo's for Chouinard & Fisher Families - asked all classmates for more
9-07-2007 Found & added Jerry Chouinard
9-02-2007 Added Greg Premo's email
8-31-2007 Many changes to the Main Page
8-30-2007 Added Dan Risik
8-29-2007 Added Maureen Harrington, Annette Coyle & Phil Joachim
8-28-2007 Added Janet Laramee Email
8-21-2007 First meeting for 50th reunion - added photo of the Committee
Added this Update page