Cathedral High School - Class of 1958 Updates

Changes Made
Dec 2017 Adding many updates for Email addresses; added our Class Will
11-16- 2017 Added a photo of Patsy Langlois and Larry Gamelin
Nov 2017 Adding many updates for Email addresses
11-05-2016 Added death date and place for Marie Ann Quesnel
11-4-2016 Added death info on Claire Audette Gates & Judy Muir Collins; Harold Pouliot & Harry Bourgeois
11-4-2016 Added John Cannizzaro military info
07-18-2016 Added John Sharpley military info
07-17-2016 Added 58th reunion pics
09-27-2014 Added the 56th reunion info and pics
09-22-2013 Added the 55th reunion info and pics
08-02-2010 Added email and 2 pics for Rita Smith Cardinal
01-12-2009 Added info on passing of Bill Mayette
10-29-2008 Added 19 photo's taken by Edward Worcester
09-18-2008 Added 40 photo's taken by Carleen Gravel Lehouiller and 28 by Ron Brunell
09-10-2008 Added pic of Linda Burleigh Smith
09-08-2008 Added the 1958 Commencement Sheet (4 pages) donated by David Joachim
08-22-2008 Added our 50th Class Photo that names every classmate - you can print it!
08-04-2008 NOTE: The Yahoogroup for CHS58 is out of date - I'll get to it some day later
08-04-2008 Added Sally Lumbra Lord's email address
08-03-2008 Added pic of Armand and Patricia Poney
08-03-2008 WOW!!! 3 wonderful days of Reunion !!! Everyone had a great time!
07-24-2008 Added military info for Dan Risik
07-21-2008 Added pic of John Dower - midlife crisis
07-20-2008 Added bio and pics for Jeannette Bishop Racine
07-19-2008 Updated attendees - 102 are coming Saturday, 90 on Friday and 95 on Sunday
07-15-2008 Updated Attendance info column based on todays final returns
07-15-2008 Added bio & pic for John Casey
07-15-2008 Added Kathleen Millettes email address
07-10-2008 Added bio for Barbara Bissonnette Poulin
07-08-2008 Added Bio & Pics for Ted Yandow
07-08-2008 Added Bio & Pics and Military info for Jerry Chouinard
07-07-2008 Added bio & pics for Carol Thibault Tilley
07-06-2008 Added Bio and pics for Maureen Harrington
07-01-2008 DEADLINE Added Bio & Pics of Sheila Kehoe Diggle
06-30-2008 Added email, bio and pics for Virginia Fargione
06-30-2008 Added Bio for Doris Brault
06-30-2008 Added Bio for Keith Peters
06-29-2008 Added pics for Julia Lawler Palmer
06-24-2008 Added a Link to my Cathedral webpage
06-17-2008 Added Bio for Janet Laramee
06-16-2008 Added another pic of Royce & grandchildren
06-04-2008 Added pic of John Childs Family
05-29-2008 Bio & pic for Kathy Fayette Baumann
05-25-2008 Bio & pic for Royce Pollard
05-23-2008 Updated Phil DeLaricheliere's pic - BIGGER FISH!
05-22-2008 Bio & pics for John Sharpley
05-21-2008 Added two LINKS to James Tuxbury's "Steel Deck Navy" website
05-20-2008 Bio for Peter Bessery
05-16-2008 Bio for Julia Lawler Palmer
04-28-2008 Bio & pics for Chet Brunell
04-28-2008 Bio & pics for Allice Lussier Sutton
04-17-2008 Bio & pic for Sandra Brown Stevens
04-12-2008 Bio & pic for Judy English te. Riele (Update Jan Laramee email)
04-12-2008 Bio & pic for Patricia Metras Devers
04-07-2008 Bio and pic for Gloria Coleman Lemon
04-03-2008 Bio and pic for Sally Lumbra
04-03-2008 Add Moe Brodeur's military history
04-02-2008 Added Bio & pic for Moe Brodeur and Anita Prim
03-30-2008 Sharon McCaffrey Conova has found us!!! She lives in Pawlet, VT
03-12-2008 Added Bio and pic of Carol Lapointe Boisvert
02-29-2008 Added Bio and pic of Carolyn Lavallee McKenzie
02-27-2008 Added 2 pics of Royce and grandchildren & pic of our 40th
02-25-2008 Added Bio & pic for Edward & Kathryn Couture
02-23-2008 Added Bio & pics for Anette Coyle Baronoski
02-11-2008 Added Bio & pics for Robert (Bob) Racicot
02-10-2008 Added 2 pics for Ron & Pat Grow
02-07-2008 Bio & pic for Mary Obrien Sladyk
02-05-2008 Bio & pic for Joan Safford Cannizzaro
01-30-2008 Bio & pic for Classmates Bill Mayette and Janet Begin
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Bob Desautels & Joyce Guyette
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Roland Dion
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Greg Premo
01-19-2007 Bio & pics for Phil Delaricheliere
01-18-2007 Back from El Paso, TX; added Claire Forcier bio & pics
12-30-2007 Added pic of Maureen Harrington Cagliuso's family
12-28-2007 Bio & pics for Jane Gariepy & Mary Kadas
12-27-2007 Added pics for Phil & Judy Joachim
12-22-2007 Bio & pic for Carmen Dufresne Cross
12-20-2007 Bio & pic for John Childs + US Navy blimp
12-17-2007 Bio & pic for Ron Grow + US Navy
12-14-2007 Bio & pic for Sonia Bonk
12-13-2007 Bio for Ann Mahoney Woglom
12-12-2007 Bio's & pics for Butch Dion & Barbara Corley; added Military data
12-8-2007 Bio & pics for Brenda Leclair & Bob
12-4-2007 Bio & pic for Ron Paqutte
12-3-2007 Bio for Phil Joachim, Jim Reid and Ron Brunell
12-01-2007 Bio & pic for Emery Corey & Mary Ann Quinn
11-29-2007 Bio & pic for Ken Bissonette & Catherine
11-27-2007 Bios for Margaret Gonyo Brigante & Armand Poney
11-18-2007 Mike Pearo bio completed
11-16-2007 Linda Burleigh bio recvd; Paul Devino deceased
11-1-2007 Added Jim Tuxbury's ship
10-31-2007 Added Hotels per Carleen
10-29-2007 Cannizzaro bio done
10-28-2007 Update Tuxbury info - recvd Bio
10-25-2007 Added all classmates to the website
10-17-2007 Added Dick Meunier & James Ploof
10-10-2007 Added pic of Mike & Carleen's family
10-05-2007 Added copies of letters being mailed today; added Maps for Elks & Janes House
10-01-2007 Added pic by Jim Tuxbury
9-29-2007 Added Jim Ploof email; more pics
9-19-2007 Added Ralph Coyne
9-16-2007 Added email and entry for Brenda Leclair
9-15-2007 Added 50th Reunion info and bio sample etc
9-10-2007 Added Burlington Webcams & pics of Risik & Dower
9-09-2007 Added Google Mashup to show where everyone is living today
9-08-2007 Added photo's for Chouinard & Fisher Families - asked all classmates for more
9-07-2007 Found & added Jerry Chouinard
9-02-2007 Added Greg Premo's email
8-31-2007 Many changes to the Main Page
8-30-2007 Added Dan Risik
8-29-2007 Added Maureen Harrington, Annette Coyle & Phil Joachim
8-28-2007 Added Janet Laramee Email
8-21-2007 First meeting for 50th reunion - added photo of the Committee
Added this Update page