Cathedral High School Class of 1958 Class History


Freshman Year

Our four years of activities at Cathedral High School really commenced when we tried out for Freshman Chorus, which is under the direction of our celebrated and capable director, Dr. Joseph Lechnyr. Those who were accepted in the chorus showed that they possessed some musical ability because the candidates were tested individually.

A few weeks later the Mothers' Club officially welcomed us to Cathedral High School with a very memorable reception, which included dancing, refreshments, and a vigorous grand-march. The success of this reception was due to Student Council.

In the weeks that followed, Pomeroy became the scene of a very serious Freshmen Class, and this was attributed to class elections. The outcome of these elections was as follows: John Cannizzaro, President; Joyce Guyette, Vice-President; Edward Couture, Secretary; and Peter Cross, Treasurer. In addition we voted for Student Council representatives, namely, Joyce Guyette and James Reid.

One of the highlights of this first year was the traditional Stunt-Nite. For many of us, it was our first appearance on the stage. For our plot, we chose "Disneyland", which included songs and scenes from Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Snow White, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. Although we did not triumph, we manifested a wonderful spirit.

Just a few weeks elapsed when we undertook a very commendable project, to provide clothes and mend toys for the needy, Because of this enterprise; there were many more happier families at Christmas that year. In addition to this project, we staged a very effective tableau.

During our Easter vacation, we planned and sponsored the Easter dance. For this event we decorated the school auditorium in the appropriate Easter colors. With the success of this dance, the Freshmen demonstrated the fact that they could assume responsibilities.

After rehearsing for months with Dr. Lechnyr, the music groups were looking forward to their first Spring Concert. The Freshmen members of the band were: John Cannizzaro, Michael Desautels, Carolyn Lavallee, Kathleen Murphy, Frances Thibault, and Carol Trombley. From this group, John Cannizzaro was the only one chosen to play in the All-State Band. The Freshmen Chorus also took part in the Music Festival. After a few days, Dr. Lechnyr was notified that we, the last chorus to participate had been accredited all A ratings except one.

With the arrival of Spring weather, we organized a softball team. Our daily practice, under the supervision of Sister Gregory, enabled the team to score a victory over St. Mary's. Our team was composed of Melinda Hogan, Mary Kadas, Janet Laramee, Carol Trombley, Jeanette Bishop, Beverley McGrath, Ellen Allard, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Yvette Monty, Colleen Manor, and Linda Burleigh. During the month of May, many of the Freshmen girls took special part in the traditional May Crowning, the object of which is to honor the Mother of God.


Sophomore Year

As Sophomores, we were very thrilled to be in the main building with the upperclassmen, in that we would enjoy more privileges. However, not all of us could be accommodated in the main building; some of us were placed in the Cathedral High School Annex.

We had not been in school very long when the football season got underway. As Sophomores we were more interested in varsity Football, because one of our classmates, Royce Pollard, a member of the team, displayed keen athletic ability.

In the meantime, class elections became the main issue of the day. Although various slates were presented, the winners of the election were: President, Joyce Guyette; Vice-President, Mike Pearo; Secretary, Judy Lawler; Treasurer, John Cannizzaro, proved a group of conscientious leaders. The choices for Student Council representatives were Virginia Fargione and John Cannizzaro.

With the completion of these elections, it was now time for the annual Stunt-Nite. In this second year, our plot was quite different from what it had previously been. We named it "Rock Around The Clock", which concerned itself with the various aspects of an ordinary day. There were vocal solos by Mary Yates, Norman Labelle, Paul Devino, Janet Begin, and also dancing solo's by Sandra Dutra and Maureen Harrington.

In basketball we had a larger participation. Playing on Junior Varsity were: Eddie Couture. Danny Clark, Bobby Desautels, and Mike Pearo. As cheerleaders Tommy Shepard, John Fisher and Bruce Maynard worked enthusiastically to keep the students cheering our school teams to victory. Four other athletes including Ellen Allard, Janet Laramee, Joyce Delisle, and Carol Trombley were members of the Girls basketball Team.

Our class must have been unusually interested in music, for 16 members belonged to the band, 46 girls joined the Girl's Glee Club, and 11 boys joined the Glee Club and Mixed Chorus. From this group, John Cannizzaro was the sole Sophomore to participate in the All-State Band. To conclude our musical appearances for the year, we were privileged to sing and play for class night and graduation.

Since the beginning of our Sophomore year, we aspirants had been learning the Sodality rules and its aims. On December 8 we were accepted in the Cathedral High School Sodalities.

This year we were also very proud of Judy Lawler who won first prize in the barber-shoppers poster contest.

This concludes our activities for the first two years,


Junior Year

After returning to school as Juniors, we were quite anxious for the arrival of the football season. Many of us attended the exciting and victorious games which were won by the support of some of our classmates, who were: Chet Brunell, Danny Clark. Butch Dion, Lionel Fay, Dick Meunier, Mike Pearo, Royce Pollard, and Jimmy Tuxbury. However, our most remarkable feat was our much awaited victory over our rivals, Burlington High School, the score being 21 to 7. During this season Mike Pearo played an exceptionally good game, for he was chosen a member of the Vermont All-State Football Team.

About the same time we had class elections. The victorious slate was as follows: President, Mike Pearo; Vice- President, Virginia Fargione; Secretary, Frances Thibault; and Treasurer, Royce Pollard. Moreover, class elections were not our only concern, we also voted for two Student Council representatives, namely, John Cannizzaro and Joyce Guyette.

With the completion of these elections, it was again time for our annual Stunt-Nite. Our plot centered around Central Park in New York City. Our three years of experience proved to be valuable in as much as we won second prize.

Little time elapsed before the basketball season was in progress. As Juniors, the following were on the Varsity team: Bobby Desautels, Danny Clark, Eddie Couture, Dick Meunier, and Mike Pearo. On the Girls' team were: Ellen Allard, Sandy Bossi, Mary Kadas, Janet Laramee, Mary O'Brien, and Carol Trombley. The cheerleaders for the Boys' team were: Tommy Shepard, captain; John Fisher, John Childs, and Roland Dion.

Our next social event was the annual Sodality prom, the theme of which was "Our Lady of the Orient." As Juniors, we comprised the various committees, which were responsible for making this prom a success.

An activity, which has been growing, the Rifle Team, claimed one member, Dick Blanchard.

During the spring months the Mothers' Club sponsored our Junior Banquet, which we were anxiously anticipating. This event gave us an opportunity to enjoy a social event, exclusively, as a class.

Next in order the students were preparing for the Spring Concert and the Music Festival. 93 Juniors were among the groups which performed at the Spring Concert. That is: 13 members were in the band; 11 boys helped compose the Glee Club; 15 girls were active in the choir; and 54 students participated in the Mixed Chorus. Three Junior girls, Joyce Guyette, Maureen Harrington, and Mary Yates were majorettes. From the total number of Juniors appearing in the concert., seven students participated in the Music Festival as follows: David Joachim, Tommy Shepard, and Mary Yates in the All-State Chorus; Tommy Coleman, Kathleen Murphy, Joan Safford, Frances Thibault, and Eddie Worcester in the All-State Band.

Soon after the strains of music had died away from the school auditorium, the boys were in baseball training. Junior boys who made the team were: Maurice Brodeur, Danny Clark, Eddie Couture, and Mike Pearo. The track team was also in training about this time. Dave Joachim, Phil Joachim, Royce Pollard, Bobby Desautels, Jimmy Tuxbury, Brian Burns, and Paul Devino proved valuable to the team.

During May the student body elected a worthy Student Council. The candidates chosen to serve were: Royce Pollard, Mary Kadas, Carol Bedard, and David Joachim. During this month the Junior-Senior Prom was held. Our class selected the theme, 'Some Enchanted Evening." The various committees were not only artistic in executing their theme but they were successful in handling the arrangements as well.

Towards the end of May both Sodalities held their May Crowning, and several Juniors helped to form the Living Rosary and to usher.

Just before final exams, the delegates to Boys' and Girls' State were announced by Father Adams. Representing the high school at Girls' State were: Virginia Fargione, Joyce Guyette, and Joan Safford. The choices for Boys' State were: John Cannizzaro, John Casey, Roderick LaValley, Mike Pearo, Harold Pouliot, Tommy Shepard, and Edward Worcester. Our class could not have been prouder than when Joyce Guyette was elected Governor of Girls' State. Later that summer she again showed her personality and leadership, when she was elected President of the State CYO Council.


Senior Year

Our Senior year has been a very enjoyable and profitable experience. One factor which has made this so, is our choice of industrious class officers, namely; Maurice Brodeur, Thomas Shepard, Anita Prim and Kathleen Murphy. Franny Thibault and Mike Pearo were selected as class representatives to the Student Council.

During the first weeks of school the sodalities elected their officers. Serving the Girls' Sodality were: Prefect, Joyce Guyette; Vice-Prefect, Janet Laramee; Secretary, Virginia Fargione; Treasurer, Marilyn Muir; and Sacristan, Mary Lou Fitzgerald. The officers selected by the Boys' Sodality were: Prefect, Phil Joachim; Vice-Prefect, John Casey; Secretary, Bobby Desautels; and Sacristan, Emery Corey.

While we were waiting for the new Senior rooms to be completed, we spent our weekends watching the football team as they competed against various squads in the area. Senior boys composing the team were: Mike Pearo, Jimmy Tuxbury, Butch Dion, Greg Premo, Lionel Fay, Danny Clark, and Bert Laberge.

In the month of November we started to prepare our final Stunt-Nite presentation. Since this would be our last chance to capture the first prize trophy, we worked zealously to make our "Winter Wonderland" a triumph, but our rivals, the Juniors, took first prize, while we received the second award.

In spite of Stunt-Nite practices, some of the students found time to enter the Voice of Democracy oratorial contest. Our two prize winners were Joan Safford and Mary Yates.

Before mid-years, the Tower Board and the Spot Lite staff were announced. The heads of the Tower Board were: co-editors, Julia Lawler and Carleen Gravel; advertising manager, John Casey; business manager, Claire Audette; subscription managers, Sheila Kehoe and Dick Blanchard; sports, Mike Pearo and Tommy Shepard; and art, Julia Lawler and Kathy Murphy. Those responsible for editing the Spot Lite were mainly Kathy Murphy and Ed Worcester.

About the same time the basketball teams were named. Senior boys who constituted the varsity basketball team were: Mike Pearo, Phil Joachim and Bobby Desautels. Co-captains of the Girls' varsity basketball team were Ellen Allard and Carol Trombley and other members of the Girls' varsity team were: Joyce Delisle, Janet Laramee, Mary Kadas and Barbara Corley.

Five Senior boys lead the Student body in school cheers and songs at the many basketball and football games. The boys who lead us so remarkably were: Tommy Shepard, captain: John Childs, John Fisher, Bobby Genest, and Roland Dion.

A few weeks after our third quarterly exams, Father Adams announced the honor students, who were as follows: Virginia Fargione, Brenda Leclair, Linda Burleigh, Carol Bedard, Joan Safford, Mary Yates, Mary Kadas, Roderick Lavallee, John Cannizzaro, Tommy Shepard, Greg Premo, Julia Lawler, Claire Audette, a total of thirteen honor students. In the following weeks several Seniors took part in the essay and speech contests.

In the essay contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Phil Joachim and Greg Premo won second and third prizes respectively. Other Seniors winning citations were: Mary Yates, Kathleen Murphy, Judy Muir, Joan Safford, and Mary 0'Brien. During Easter vacation several Seniors participated in the Vermont Speech Festival sponsored by the University of Vermont. In this contest Jimmy Reid received a superior rating in the radio announcing division and Virginia Fargione received honorable mention.

In the field of baseball, senior members of the team were: Mike Pearo, Conrad Lavigne, Maurice Brodeur, and Greg Premo. The track team, composed of Captain, Royce Pollard, Jimmy Tuxbury, Brian Burns, Mike LeHouiller, Jimmy Smith, Paul Devino, Bobby Desautels, Phil Joachim, and Dick Meunier, won the Plattsburgh Invitational meet, which proved to be their most impressive victory.

Having completed many strenuous hours of rehearsing, we were again ready for our annual Spring Concert. The entire concert was remarkably successful. The grand finale of all the groups evinced the master hand of their director. Dr. Joseph Lechnyr. However, for some of the Seniors, the concert was not the climax of their appearance, as some of them were fortunate enough to be selected for the All-State chorus and others, All-State Band. Those chosen for All-State Chorus were: Betsy Allen, Yvette Monty, Mary Kadas, Mary Yates, Mary Ann Benoit, Joyce Guyette, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Joan Desautels, Tommy Shepard, David Joachim, Paul Devino, and Norman LaBelle; for All-State Band were: Joan Safford, Carol Trombley, Ellen Allard, Kathleen Murphy, Frances Thibault, Virginia Fargione, and Eddie Worcester. In addition Mary Yates won a music scholarship.

In conclusion we can only say that on June 6, 1958, we, the last class to graduate from Cathedral High School, feel somewhat sad upon departing, because in these four years we have had many wonderful times and experiences, which we shall always cherish.