Docteur J. C. Poissant


            In 1909, Dr J. C. Poissant completed his genealogical book:





Depuis son origine en Canada, jusqua nos jours



Le Docteur J. C. Poissant





            Doctor J. C. Poissant was born as Joseph (Edouard) Celibert Poissant (#749 in his book) and he was the son of Laurent Poissant (#229) and Cecile Lestage. The 8th of 12 children, he was born in St Edouard, Quebec on 30 April 1860. He married Marie Louise Labrecque at St Jacques, Montreal on 26 June 1884.


            Doctor Poissant was a school commissioner in Montreal.


            J. C. Poissant died at Montreal on Monday 24 October 1927 (one week before the disasterous 1927 flood in Vermont) at the age of 67 years. He was survived by his wife, Marie Louise Labrecque; 2 sons, Onesime-Emile and Leo; 4 daughters, Emelia Denard, Maria Labrecque, Bernadette and Annette.


            His funeral was held on Thursday 27 October 1860 at the Church of Sacre-Coeur in Montreal at 9am. The funeral presented a grandiose aspect and “La Garde Plessis” opened the procession with its characteristic costume, and the students of the Plateau School, accompanied by a body of students with bugles and tambourines. In attendance were the cadets of Plessis School, the students of St John Baptiste School and Plateau School, the students of the Academies Bourgeois, Marguerite Lemoine and Lartigue; the students of St Ignace School, and numerous students of other schools assisted at the funeral. Absolution was given by S. A. Monsignor Deschamps.


            Dr Poissant was buried at the cemetery at “Cote-des-Neiges” in Montreal.

Le Devoir offered their condolences to the family. (Note: The newspaper “Le Devoir” was begun in 1910 by my great-great uncle Henri Bourassa)( J.B. Bourassa sang in the choir at the funeral)