Translation of the Footnotes from the J.C. Poissant Family Genealogy


Page 57            Reference to Jacques Poissant dit Lasaline

According to Father Tanguay he was married around 1698 but the registers at that time must have been destroyed, so we cannot affirm anything.


Page 58            Pierre Poissant and Marie Angelique Giroux

The Poissants from L’Acadie, from St Valentin and its surroundings descend from this family; many of them have taken the name of Poissant dit Boileau without any reason whatever; and today many of them are known under the name of Boileau.

Page 59            John Baptiste Poissant and Marie Catherine (Charlotte) Gagnier

The Poissants of Chateauguay of Sainte Martine and its surroundings descend from this family.

Page 61            Claude (Glode) Poissant and Marie Joseph (Catherine) Lemieux

Claude’s godfather was Glode Maheu and he was baptized under the name of Glode Poissant. Later he married and died under the name of Claude which is the origin of the surname Glaude or Glode which certain descendents are called today. There is a family tradition of which we believe that this ancestor was deaf. One day he was visited by a neighbor who greeted him in this way; “Good day Glaude!, I am cutting hay. -- For whom are you cutting hay? -- I am cutting hay for someone --- Silly Glaude, I talk to you one way and you answer me another way, -- Oh well, I don’t cut hay for you. I will cut hay for someone else.”

The Poissants and the Glodes of St Edouard, Champlain, NY, and of Malone NY descend from this family.

Page 68            Joseph Marie Poissant and Marie Anne Demers

The descendents of this family have the surname Boileau today.

Page 76            Dominique Poissant and Marie Reine Lestage

Only the descendents of Dominique Poissant that lived in St Edouard have abandoned the surname of Lassaline, while his brothers who live in the United States have kept the surname of Lassaline.

Page 81            Jacques Marie Poissant and Marguerite Lapatrie

Around 1825, Jacques Marie Poissant went to live in Champlain NY, which was under the custody of the Corbeau parish. A few years later many of his children left the Poissant name for the Glode name, the baptismal name of their ancestor, following the Canadian custom which was widespread, that they should carry the patrimonial name instead of the family name.

Page 82            Jacques (Jacob) Poissant and Sophie Latreille and many of his siblings.

In 1846, a fire destroyed the church and the parish rectory of Corbeau, burning all the very numerous registers at this date, if we consider how much territory this parish embraced. Today Corbeau is only a small mission in custody of the parish of East Chazy, NY because of the small membership of this parish. In effect, about 12 parishes have detached themselves from this parish from the Canadian side and from the American side. Today Corbeau is not even known under this name and is probably known as Coopersville, NY.

Page 87            Charles (Charlot) Poissant and Marie Louise Laporte

Charles Poissant went to live in Champlain, NY around 1846 and after his death about 20 years later, his wife and his children went to live in Western America where we have lost all traces of their sojourns. This is why we have no knowledge concerning their marriages and deaths.

UPDATE to previous note.      Hi, John,

Thank you for the footnote.  However, it is incorrect.  Charles (Charlot) Poissant died 20 Jun 1884 and was buried 23 Jun 1884, L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec.  (He was born 26 Feb 1791, in St-Philippe, Laprairie, Quebec.)  In the 1881 Canadian Census, it shows Charles Poissant, widower, born Quebec, in the household of his daughter and son-in-law, Scholastique and Augustin Cadioux, in L'Ange-Gardien, Rouville, Quebec.       "Cousin" Grace (Poissant/Fisher) Merrifield

Page 98            Jacques Poissant and Susanne Surprenant

The marriage of Jacques and Susanne could not be traced despite many researches – and it is only because of the baptismal records that we can account for this. Also his baptismal record was never found, so that knowledge concerning him is a probability. It seems however that he was the son of one of the children of Pierre Poissant and Angelique Giroux; probably of Louis Poissant, since he was the godfather of his 1st child  -- Now we find him living in the same parish with the children of Louis Poissant and if we consider the stability of the families, then this conjecture becomes certain.

Page 111            Luc Poissant and Genevieve Blanchard

This family went to live in Malone, NY after living in many parishes in the Province of Quebec as we have discovered by the baptismal records of the children. Many of these persons are living in Malone, NY or the surrounding area, with the exception of Francois-Xavier who went to Michigan.

Page 118            Jacques (Jacob) Poissant dit Glode and Marie Sophie Latreille (Lalande)

All the descendents of this family have the name Glaude or Glode. The registers of the Corbeau parish (Coopersville NY) have all been destroyed in the 1846 fire. This is the reason why our knowledge concerning this parish are not official and up-to-date; even if we are quite certain.

Page 124            Andre Poissant and Felecite Monette

The family of Andre Poissant after living many years in Malone, NY were known as “Glaude” or “Fish”, and even one of his daughters, Celina, married under the name of Glaude.

Page 136            Francois Xavier Poissant dit Glode and Marie Edwidge Guertin

They were married at Corbeau (Coopersville, NY) but the registers before 1843 were destroyed by fire so we cannot account for the precise date of their marriage. After the fathers death this family left Champlain, NY for Western America.

Page 150            Louis Poissant dit Glode and Celine Malvina Lapierre

The children of this family, baptized under the name of Poissant, bear the name of Glode and are not known under the name of Poissant.

Page 157            Luc (Gilbert) Poissant and Felecite Bourdeau

All the descendents of this family have the name Glaude or Glode.

Page 160            Narcisse Poissant and Marie Rose de Lima Isabelle

Narcisse Poissant, according to the information from his brother George was married in Warren, RI and had many children from his second marriage, with 2 boys still living.

Page 163            Joseph Napoleon Poissant and Marie Olivine Bouchard

They had their children baptized under the name of Boileau; this family is living

At St Jean Chrysostome, Quebec.

Page 166            Joseph Octave Poissant and Salome Lavigne

The information that we received from the family of Joseph Octave Poissant and Salome Lavigne are very incomplete. What we have given to the people who are interested, was handed down to us by Mrs Leon Dupuis, one of his daughters. The family today is dispersed all over the U.S.A.

Page 168            Leandre (Alexandre) Poissant and Mathilde Dumas

This family that lives in Champlain, NY and Rutland, VT have the name Glode. This family is dispersed, so our information is incomplete. What we have was given to us by his son Noe Glode, who lives in Champlain, NY.

Page 174            Augustin Poissant and Aurelie (Emelie) Aupry or Hautprix or Laramee

According to his brother George and other persons, this marriage took place at St Edouard of Napierville, Quebec in October 1856 but the parish registers mention nothing.

Page 183            Louis Andre (Ludger) Poissant (Glaude) and Philomene Bracaunier

The children of this family bear the name of Fisher. The registers of the Irish parish in Malone, NY were burnt in 1875, so it was impossible to complete this family.

Page 184            Narcisse Poissant and Marie Rousseau

The non-official information was furnished by the eldest daughter of Marie Alma Poissant.

Page 192            Joseph Moise Poissant and Olive Riendeau

All the members of this family bear the name of Fisher.

Page 201            Joseph Poissant and Olive Faubert

This family, that lived in St Remi and St Urbain, went to live in Minnesota where we have received information relative to their children and we have learned from Pierre Leonard, his brother that his children were numerous.

Page 202            Edmond Poissant and Eliza Dragon

Edmond Poissant had many children from his second marriage. (Only one is listed in the book)

Page 207            Honore Poissant and Marie Vanier

This family lives in Michigan and we have lost trace of it. We know that his brother Luc and other children are born from this marriage. One of his brothers, Francois-Xavier, married in Michigan and is still living there.

Page 221            Calixte Poissant and Eleonore Cote

(the parents were probably Barthelemy Poissant and Felicite Vandale)

Barthelemy Poissant lived at St George where all his children were baptized including Calixte where we are looking for information concerning his relationship. Later was baptized under the name of his son Joseph Calixte, born of Caliste Poissant and Eleonore Cote. This is all we know about his wife. The marriage contract is missing, possible because it took place in the wife’s parish.

Page 246            Joseph Alexandre Glaude and Angelique Allard

Joseph Alexandre Glaude was a navigator, like all the Glaude and the Poissants residing in Champlain, NY. During his trips, he had the children baptized and we do not have his baptism records.

Page 251            Luc Desire Poissant dit Boileau and Lina Asselin

Notice that Marie Lina and Marie Olympe were baptized under the name of Boileau, while the other children were baptized Poissants. In the registers we have found the latter, not doubting that the children could carry another name, but by chance we met the father of this family, and he tells us that he had 2 other girls baptized under the name of Boileau and we stated this fact as we went thru the registers.

Page 255            (Willie) William Alexandre Poissant and Agnes Cardin

Although baptized and married under the name Poissant, the head of this family baptized all his children under the name of Glaude, the surname of his father. Much later, in a second marriage, he was married under the name of Willie Glaude and quit using the name Poissant. Today all the family is known under the name of Glaude or Glode.

Page 156            Alexis Eugene (Lord) Poissant and Marie Hermine Lefebvre

We notice in these records how the persons have changed their baptismal name, especially the head of the family, and substituting the name with “Lord”, as if it were his own. His ancestors were known under the name Poissant dit Lord, perhaps because of his influence or wealth, and Alexis Eugene used this name.