Jacques Poissant & Suzanne Guichard

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Married on the last Sunday of January 1638 [Calculated to be the 31st]

[Jacques was alive in 1661 for the baptism of his son Jacques by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Magort, but deceased in 1670 when his Elizabeth Magord died. I did not find a death record for him, maybe he died elsewhere]


[Jacques occupation was Sergeant Royal (A person who was charged to apply the decisions of court. He was equipped with a mace and preceded the personalities at the time of any court processions)]



Raimond / Raymond Poissant


[Late 1638 or early 1639 based on his death record. Did I miss this record, or was he born & baptized elsewhere? Being the first child in the family, the godparents would have been Jacques parents, or at least one of the godparents.]


Thursday 16 Feb 1679 is deceased, Raymond Poissant - clothing tailor – age 41 - assisting at his interment was Pierre Poissant, master shoemaker, and Samuel Poissant, master clothing tailor, his first cousins, all from Marennes. [Pierre and Samuel signed]


Jacques Poissant


Bap. 2 April 1641; born 11 September 1640

GP: Mr. Jacques Mestivier/Mestinier and Elizabeth Gabio the second of April 1641

[I will use the Mestivier surname from now on] [after the godmothers name, its unusual to see more info but here we see a date; did the baby die soon after?]


Suzanne Poissant


Bap. Thursday, 6 Feb 1645, born 6 October

GP: Jacques Geay? & Suzanne Delaruze


Jaques Poissat


Thursday, 28 Nov 1649, born 6 Sep

GP: Jacques Lini & Elizabeth Testefolle


Abraham Poissant


Bap. Sunday 28 April 1652, born 7 Sep

GP: Abraham Poissant & Anne Savie




Jacques Poissant & Elizabeth Magord

Married on 25 March 1654 at La Tremblade Reformed Church, Elisabeth Magord was living at Marennes. (Source = Cercle de Genealogie d’Aunis et Saintonge)

[Contract 23 July 1653   Source = Christian Siguret, Bougrier (Notary, Me Aubin)]


Jacques Poissant


Bap. Thursday, 4 August 1661, born 12 July 1661

GP: Jacques Poissant his father & Jeanne Magord, his aunt


[In New France about 1698 – 1699]

Note: Jacques arrived in New France in Nov 1684 and became a Catholic on Palm Sunday 1685 at Pointe-aux-Trembles.


[In New France 1734]


Death of Elizabeth Magord


Died 16 June 1670, widow of Mr Jacques Poissant, Sergeant Royal; she was age 51, assisting at her Interment was Raimond Poissant, clothing tailor, her step-son, and Jean Rouslier, salt worker, her brother-in-law, all from Marennes.