Mt Calvary Cemeteries in Burlington, VT (Owned by St Joseph Cathedral)

10,448 Burials from 1938 to 2016

Maps of the Cemeteries

Burials by Name

Burials by Plot Number


1= Old Mount Calvary Between Archibald and Pomeroy Streets in the Old North End
2=Mount Calvary Annex Between Pomeroy Street and North Street in the Old North End
3=New Mount Calvary On Plattsburg Avenue in the New North End

Definition of the Plot Number: Example 3-B-047

3 = New Mt Calvary Cemetery
B = Area (Cemetery 1 has A only; Cemetery 2 has A and B; Cemetery 3 has many areas
047 = Lot

There is also a book of Gravestone Inscriptions of the 3 Mt Calvary Cemeteries
It is listed at the bottom of the page as "St Joseph, Burlington, VT – 3 Mt Calvary cemeteries –Inscriptions" Soft cover, spiral binding
It was published in 1991 by Anne Marie Dunton; has 326 pages and Costs $15.00


Our 3 cemeteries have been combined with the old St Joseph cemetery
which was owned by the now defunct Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception

For the latest COMBINED PDF of all four of our cemeteries CLICK HERE