Nazareth School Class of 1954

50th Anniversary in 2004

20 Allen St. Burlington, Vermont

Top Row: Theodore Yandow, James Reid, John Rogers, Henry Willette, Harry Bourgeois, Edward Lavallee, Adrian Fay, Maurice Brodeur, Royce Pollard, Carl Villemaire, Richard Hebert, John Sharpley, John Fisher, James Saltus.

Fourth Row: Roderick Lavallee, Leonard Bouchard, Merrill Masse, George Charron, Leonard Stevens, Gordon Vincent, Robert Dion, Arthur Bourgeois, Roland Dion, Richard Baker, Richard Brosseau, Richard Blanchard, John Childs, Gerald Chouinard.

Third Row: Thomas Shepard, Sheila Yandow, Carol Trombley, Shirley Bessette, Lillian Devino, Mary Ann Benoit, Sandra Prudenzano, Martha McCarty, Mary Ann Boucher, Nancy Dupuis, Beverly McGrath, Gloria Pashby, Kenneth Bissonette.

Second Row: Alice Buinisky, Joyce Guyette, Ellen Allard, Mary Ann Quinn, Carol Racine, Right Rev. Joseph E. Pariseau, Mary Joy Hubbard, Natalie Bove, Joyce Delaricheliere, Brenda Leclair, Anita Prim, Marie Anna Quesnel.

FirstRow, left to right: Irena Handl, Joan Blow, Lorraine Hebert, Nancy Burdo, Patricia Langlois, Laura Lafontaine, Carmen Dufresne, Betty Reed, Patricia Bushway, Suzanne Bombard, Janice Lorraine, Carleen Gravel.


1954 Diploma

Nazareth School has now been renamed to St Joseph School


Girls Side - Teachers

Boys Side - Teachers
Sr. Helen
Sr. Theresa
Sr. Angelina
Sr. Joseph
Sr. Antoine Louise (Sr Anthony)
Sr. Charles D.
Sr. Imelda du S.C.
Sr. Agnes
Sr. Bernadette Joseph
Sr. Helen
Sr. Helene du S.C.
Sr. Therese d' A.
Combined boys and girls class
Sr. Charles Alvares
Combined boys and girls class

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Sr Denis de la Croix

Combined boys and girls class

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Sr. Louise de St. Esprit (Later Sr. Amelie Rallon) Combined boys and girls class. Sr Louise died in 2003 at the age of 100. "Please join us in giving thanks for her long life in God's service"

She arrived at NY aboard the ship SS Degrass on the 7th of May 1926. She took the Oath of Allegiance and became a US citizen on 23 Feb 1955. She was from Pludual, Cotes du Nord, France.


Sr Denis de la Croix - 8th Grade

Allard, Ellen M
Benoit, Mary A
Bessette, Shirley R
Bissonette, Kenneth J
Blanchard, Richard H
Blow, Joan H
Bouchard, Leonard R
Bove, Natalie J
Brodeur, Maurice N
Charron, George F
Devino, Lillian J
Dion, Robert
Dion, Rolland P
Dufresne, Carmen T
Fay, Adrian R
Guyette, Joyce E
Handle, Irena M
Hebert, Richard T
Hubbard, Mary J
Lafountaine, Laura M
Lavallee, Edward W
Masse, Merrill R
McCarty, Martha J
Prim, Anita L
Prudenzano, Sandra J
Quinn, Mary A
Reed, Betty J
Reid, James L
Saltus, James W
Shepard, Thomas C
Trombly, Carol A
Villemaire, Carl T
Vincent, Gordon L

Sr. Louise de St. Esprit - 8th Grade

Baker, Richard
Buinisky, Alice
Bombard, Suzanne
Boucher, Mary Ann
Bourgeois, Harry
Bourgeois, Arthur
Brosseau, Richard
Burdo, Nancy
Bushway, Patricia(Irish)
Childs, John
Chouinard, Girard
DeLaricheliere, Joyce
Dupuis, Nancy
Fisher, John
Gravel, Carleen(Lehouiller)
Hebert, Lorraine
LaVallee, Roderick
Langlois, Patricia (Allen)
Leclair, Brenda
Lorrain, Janice
Marcoux, Gabrielle
McGrath, Beverly
Pashby, Gloria
Pollard, Royce
Quesnel, Mary Anne
Racine, Carol
Rogers, John
Sharpley, John
Stevens, Leonard
Wentworth, Sara (w)
Willette, Henry
Yandow, Sheila
Yandow, Theodore

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64 Nazareth School Pupils Get Diplomas - Burlington Free Press

Sixty-four graduates of Nazareth School received their diplomas in the annual graduation exercises at St. Joseph's Church last night, The diplomas were awarded by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. E. Pariseau who also addressed the graduates. Assisting was the Rev. William Hammond.
Many prizes were distributed, including a scholarship to Mt St. Mary Academy, which was won by Joyce Delaricheliere. Miss Delaricheliere was also winner of the highest average prizes in her eighth grade division and of the award for American History, presented by the American Legion Auxiliary.
Other Prizes
Other prizes for proficiency in various subjects in the two eighth grades were awarded as follows: Highest average, Thomas Shepard; religion, Carol Trombley and John Childs; french, first prize winners, Carleen Gravel and Lillian Devino; second prizes in French, Carmen Dufresne and Gerald Choinard
English, first prize, Brenda Leclair and Sandra Prudenzano; second prize, Anita Prim; reading, Joyce Guyette and Beverly McGrath.
First prizes in Arithmetic, Roderick LaVallee and Richard Blanchard; second prize in arithmetic, John Sharpley.
Science, Irena Handl and Suzanne Bombard; spelling, John Fisher and Natalie Bove; history, George Charron and Patricia Bushway.
Citizenship medals, presented by the Green Mountain chapter of the DAR, were awarded to Brenda LeClair and James Reid.
Joan Blow, Carmen Dufresne, Mary Joy Hubbard and Theodore Yandow received music diplomas.
The ceremonies closed with Benediction.

Prize Donors
Donors of the prizes; Monsignor Pariseau, $20; Mothers Club, $100; DeGoesbriand Council 36 L'Union St. Jean Baptist, $35; and Immaculate Conception Council 78 of the same order, $25; League of the Sacred Heart, $25; Ladies of St. Anne, $20; Sancta Maria Circle, Daughters of Isabella, $5; a friend $5.


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Ken Bissonette
Suzanne Bombard Sproul
Leonard Bouchard and Claire
Patricia Bushway Irish
Chouinard, Jerry
Lillian Devino Couillard
Joyce Delaricheliere Macnamara
Joyce Guyette Desautels and Bob
Butch Dion and Barbara
Roland Dion
Nancy Dupuis Templeton
Carmen Dufresne Cross
John Fisher and Kathy
Mary Joy Hubbard
Patsy Langlois Gamelin
Carleen Gravel Lehouiller
Ed Lavallee
Beverly McGrath Chausse
Royce Pollard
Mary Ann Quinn Corey and Emery
Carol Ann Racine Hutchinson
James Reid
John Sharpley
Gordon Vincent
Ted Yandow
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In Memoriam

Mary Anne Benoit Griffin
Harry Bourgeois
Richard Brosseau 2012
George Charron
John Childs
Merrill Masse
Gloria Pashby Hayes 12 Jul 2012
Sandra Prudenzano Alberts
John Rogers - 1998
Marie Ann Quesnel St. John


Some of our classmates went on to Cathedral High School, which later became Rice Memorial High School.

Cathedral High School Class of 1958


Nazareth Girls School Song

Carleen says "We gals used to sing this at Nazareth and it was sung to the tune of Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-de-ay"

We are the Nazareth girls
We wear our hair in curls
We roll our dungarees
Way up above our knees

We wear our father's shirts
We are the biggest flirts
And when it comes to men
We go for all of them!


Royce Pollard on the Web

Pollard, a 63-year-old Burlington, Vt., native, is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and former commander at Vancouver Barracks.

He was appointed to the city council in February 1989 and elected to a full four-year term in 1991.

In 1995, Pollard ran for mayor of Vancouver, Washington and was elected after Bruce Hagensen decided not to run for a fifth two-year term. Pollard was re-elected in 1997, 1999 and 2001.

Check this website... Good info on Royce


50th Reunion on May 1st 2004

Top Row: John Fisher, Roland Dion, Ed Lavallee, Leonard Bouchard, Merrill Masse, Ted Yandow, Ken Bissonnette, John Childs, Nancy Dupuis Templeton, Carmen Dufresne Cross, James Reid

Bottom Row: Carleen Gravel Lehouiller, Alice Buinicky, Mary Ann Quinn Corey, Natalie Bove Barber, Joy Hubbard, Pat Bushway Irish, Nancy Burdo Canavan

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Nazareth School 1954



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In Memorium - James Ritchie - Class of 1955 - USS Thresher

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