Pictures of our 44th reunion on 30 July 2005

Welcome to the Home Page of the Class of 1961 at "Rice Memorial High School" in Burlington, VT. On July 30th, we celebrated our 44th Reunion at Russ Niquette's house on Lakeshore Drive in Colchester. Lucille Sweet did an outstanding job of bringing us together again this year; we thank Lucille and Russ so very much for all their efforts.

Here is the list of people in the pictures:

Group 1 - Left to Right - back row Arnold Parot, Buzzy Mercure, John
Mercure, Joe Lendway, Loren English; in back of Loren, Don Pasha; next to Loren, Russ
Niquette; in back of Russ, John Bissonette; next to Russ, Jim Farrell.Front row
Roger Hayes, Andre Hatin and Bob Denning.

Group 2 - Left to right - Kathy Desany, Stella St.Peter, Carolyn Martin, Carol
Duquette, Gail Sylvester and Lucille Levesque.

Group 3 - From left to right - Russell Niquette, Jim Farrell, Tom Mayo,
Stella's husband Marty, and Allen Kieslich.

Group 4 - Left to Right - Arnold Parot, Lucille, Russ, John Mercure and
Buzzy Mercure. Front row Andre Hatin.

Group 5 - Left to Right - Bob Denning, Stella, Roger and Loren.