Rice Memorial High School Class of 1961

Pictures of the 2007 Reunion

We celebrated our 46th Reunion at Russ Niquette's house on Lakeshore Drive in Colchester. Lucille Sweet did an outstanding job of bringing us together again this year; we thank Lucille and Russ so very much for all their efforts.

Thanks to all who have sent photos to us.


Dear Friends,

Our 46th Class party was held on Saturday, July 28th at Russ Niquette's and it was great fun and enjoyed by all. Lots of good food, great conversations, and a few surprises. Photos can soon be viewed on our website.

There were 17 classmates and a total of 28 attended. They were Bob Denning, Kathy (Desany) Fisher, Carole (Duquette) Reese, Jim Farrell, Charlie Guyette, Andy Hatin, Roger Hayes, Allen Kieslich, Sally (Lanzetta) Dion, John Larkin, Noreen (Lauzon) Murphy, Carolyn (Martin) Barchi, John Mercure, Buzz Mercure, Arnold Parot, Russ and myself.

Our classmate John Raymond passed away on July 25th in Jeffersonville, VT . John will be added to our deceased classmates list and we now have a total of 29.
Franz and Bob Fredericks' brother Peter of Wilton, Maine passed away July 25th.
Tony Villanti's brother Michael died in a fishing accident on July 28th in New York.
We extend our condolences to Franz, Bob, Tony and Sue, and their families.

For your information:
Norm St. Laurent moved to Southern Shores, NC and you can reach him at nbstlaurent@embarqmail.com.
Patricia (Barnes) Jaro has been located in Williston, VT.
Polly (Duclos) Frankenfield has moved but still lives in Falmouth, ME.
Carolyn (Martin) and Bob Barchi moved from Charlotte, VT to Leesburg, FL. They live in the same city as Stella (St. Peter) and Marty Babel.
Gail (Sylvester) Cashman is working on her second Master's degree. GO GAIL!!!

Our 47th reunion party will be held next year on Saturday, July 26th and the location will be announced next spring.
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer!!

Regards, Lucille Sweet


Lucille Sweet
John Mercure, Roger Hayes, John Larkin, Noreen Lauzon Murphy, John & Kathy Desany Fisher
Lucille Sweet Anne Marie Kieslich, Don Sawyer, Carol Duquette Reese, Sally Lanzetta Dion, Charlie Guyette, Ray Dion, Arnold Parot, Norman 'Buzzy' Mercure & Russell Niquette
Lucille Sweet All classmates except Noreen
Lucille Sweet Closeup of the class
Lucille Sweet dau Group shot & Lake Champlain
Lucille Sweet dau John Larkin & Marilyn Fayette Larkin

Kit Mercure
First Group Pic - see next pic for names
Kit Mercure

Back: Roger Hayes, Charlie Guyette, Arnold Parot, Russell Niquette, Alan Kieslich, John Mercure, Sally Lanzetta Dion & Norman "Buzzy" Mercure
Front: Lucille Levesque Sweet, Bob Denning, Carole Duquette Reese, Carolyn Martin Barchi,
John Larkin, Andre Hatin & Kathy Desany Fisher. ( Noreen Lauzon Murphy is missing)

Kit Mercure Ray Dion, Roger Hayes, Charlie Guyette (His First Reunion), Sally Lanzetta Dion & What am I doing?
Kit Mercure Sue Hayes, Bob Denning, Roger Hayes & Norman "Buzzy" Mercure
Kit Mercure Carole Duquette Reese, Bob & Carolyn Martin Barchi, Lucille Levesque Sweet & Don Sawyer
Kit Mercure Setting up the food
Kit Mercure John & Barbara Mercure & Roger Hayes
Kit Mercure Kathy Desany Fisher, Sally Lanzetta Dion & Lucille Levesque Sweet, John Mercure & John Fisher
Kit Mercure Arnold Parot, Roger Hayes, Sally Lanzetta Dion, John & Barbara Mercure, Charlie Guyette, Bob Denning, Russell Niquette, Andre Hatin & Lucille's hair.
Kit Mercure Another group shot
Kit Mercure Another group shot
Kit Mercure Bob Barchi & Carolyn Martin Barchi
Kit Mercure Kathy Desany Fisher, Noreen Lauzon Murphy (Her First Reunion), Roger & Sue Hayes

Alan Abair
We did have a mini-reunion at the 100th anniversary of the McKenzie Meat Packing Co. held at Centennial on saturday. Class of '61 members John Mahoney, Judy McKenzie Ziccollo, Ann Dragon McKenzie and Alan Abair


Look Who Came to the 2007 Reunion!
Lucille Levesque Sweet Roger & Sue Hayes Alan Kieslick & Anne Marie Bob Denning
Russ Niquette Carolyn Martin Barchi & Bob Sally Lanzetta Dion & Ray Kathy Desany Fisher & John
John & Barbara Mercure Carol Duquette Reese & Don Sawyer Jim Farrell Norm (Buzzy) Mercure & Kit
John Larkin & Marilyn Arnold Parot
Andre Hatin Noreen Lauzon Murphy
Charlie Guyette