Rice Memorial High School Class of 1961

Pictures of the 2008 Reunion


Dear Friends,

Many “thanks” to Sally and Ray Dion for hosting this year’s Rice class reunion for 32 classmates and friends. We are truly appreciative of their gracious and warm hospitality. It was a great party and we had a fantastic time talking to everyone, and especially to those we had not seen in many years. It may have been raining outside but in our hearts, the sun was shining bright.

Thanks to all who brought a variety of delicious appetizers, salads and desserts. Special thanks for the generous contributions made to our reunion fund. To those who sent email messages, we thank you for the news and greetings to classmates. It’s always a pleasure to hear what’s going on in your lives and to share the news with friends.

Please look at our class website to see who came to the party and also to view pictures (www.johnfishersr.net/rmhs1961.htm). Please send pictures to John Fisher (jrfishersr@gmail.com) so he can add to our website. Thanks, John, for keeping us “up to date” and for maintaining our website.

Next year’s party will be held on Saturday, July 25th and the location will be announced next spring. Enjoy the rest of the summer!!

Warm regards,



Look Who Came to the 2008 Reunion!
Lucille Levesque Sweet Roger & Sue Hayes Alan Kieslich & Anne Marie Bob Denning
Tom Mayo Marguerite Guillemette and Dick Meunier Sally Lanzetta Dion & Ray Kathy Desany Fisher & John
John & Barbara Mercure Sue O'Hagan & Gary Patenaude Rev. Conrad Bessette Norm (Buzzy) Mercure & Kit
John Larkin & Marilyn Gail Sylvester Cashman
Susan Brynn Peterson Nancy Brynn Fitzgerald
Stella St Peter and Marty Babel Loren English Jim and Doreen Couture Butch and Sheila Cote


2008Denning01 Alan Kieslich, Lucille and Lyman Cote
2008Denning02 John Larkin
2008Denning03 Doreen Couture, Gail Cashman, Loren English, Susan O'Hagan Patenaude, Susan Brynn Peterson, Sally Lanzetta
2008Denning04 Roger Hayes, John and Barb Mercure
2008Denning05 Alan Kieslich, Sally, Jim Couture and Conrad Bessette
2008Denning06 Nancy Brynn and Sue Hayes
2008Denning07 Jim Couture, Conrad Bessette, Doreen Couture and Gail Cashman
2008Denning08 Group in garage
2008Denning09 Group in Garage
2008Denning10 Lucille, Susan Brynn Peterson and Doreen Couture
2008Denning11 Susan Brynn Peterson and Susan O'Hagan Patenaude