Rice Memorial High School Class of 1961

Pictures of the 2023 Reunion at Noreen's House taken by Susan Patenaude

Matt and July Quinn

Arnold Parot , John Mercure

Lucille Sweet, Fran Beauchemin, Ray Dion (back of head)

Dick Meunier (standing), Peggy Meunier (seated), Marilyn Deforge (standing above Peggy), Wayne Beauchemin (blue jacket)

Lyman and Sheila Cote and Allen Kieslich

Allen Kieslich, Andy and Craig Echo, Pat Wright (seated) Anne Kieslich behind Pat

Bob Denning, Jim Couture, Gloria Yandow (seated), Dori Couture (standing)

Susan and Gary Patenaude

Noreen Lauzon Murphy and Dore Couture

Gloria Yandow and Andy Echo

Jim Couture, Craig Echo

Sheila Cote and Anne Kieslich

Carolyn Martin Barchi, Marilyn Deforge, Peggy Meunier

Bob Denning, Fran Beauchemin

Matt Quinn, Gary Patenaude


Photos from Lucille, the same people as above








Standing at the right is Noreen's friend Michelle Lacroix who assisted Noreen

Two months later Lucille met Paul Leonard and Theresa Lesage at the Elks club

They live in Port Orange, Fl and were visiting for a few days.