John Raymond died last July 25, 2007 of Lymphoma. He had been diagnosed a
year earlier and had completed a stem cell transplant but shortly after the
transplant the cancer just took over. He was active and involved right up
until the last week. He ran the Not Just For Golf store in Essex as a
retirement hobby. He loved it. 
He was one of those fellows who could do every thing. Fortunately we did
many things together so I am not completely lost managing the homestead. I
often said he was like a walk in the woods.... If you didn't know what you
were looking for it just looks like trees! He died at home and all his
family and many of his cousins and friends were present up until the end.
The weekend, before he died his friends came and had a roof party. The
appointment for a new roof had already been made and John had not been able
to get the prep work done. I suppose if you have to go that way is the best-
every one around and as much merriment as possible. 
Sincerely, Elise Raymond