St. Joseph School, Burlington, VT

Always on the lookout for any history of St Joseph Church or School

I was lucky to find this wonderful record of accomplishment

by a student of St Joseph Elementary School.

The test was taken in 1903 and the quality of the writing was notable.

It appears that the teacher had a handout of questions and the

student wrote all the answers in longhand cursive writing, adding

her graphics at the heading of each subject.

The subjects were: History, Arithmatic, Christian Doctrine, Grammer,

Geography, Orthography and our Vermont Hero, Ethan Allen

The student was Marie Louise Lambert who was born 18 Aug 1889 in Burlington

and was baptized at St Joseph parish on the 20th.

Marie Louise Lambert was a 6th grader when she took this test


Marie Lamberts Final Test for the year 1903

See her June 1 1905 Report of Axamination for the 8th grade and her classmates

1905 Report of Examination

See her Family Tree with Husband and Parents