Civil War Soldiers buried in the St Joseph Mount Calvary Cemetery
John R. Fisher - August 2013
--- Member of the MT Calvary Cemetery Association Inc. which governs the 3 cemeteries

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Name and Unit
Birth or Alias names
1 Aikee, Francis, 5th VT INF, VRC Francois Ethier; Francis Hickey; Francis Aca
2 Bacon, Joseph, 12th VT INF  
3 Barrett, Oliver, 9th VT INF  
4 Barttro, Lewis, 13th VT INF Louis Berthiaume
5 Belding, Edward, 92nd NY INF  
6 Bessett, Antoine, 17th VT INF  
7 Blodgett, Enos, 14th NH INF  
8 Bosley, Nelson, 46th NY INF  
9 Brooks, Joseph, 1st VT LARTY Joseph Felix Rousseau
10 Carpenter, Joseph, 2nd VT INF Joseph Isidore Charpentier
11 Champaigne, Charles, 8th VT INF  
12 Cormier, Francis, 8th VT INF  
13 Couture, Alexis, 1st CO CAV Aleck Couture
14 Cross, Peter B., Unknown  
15 Dano, John, 153rd NY INF Jean Dagneau dit Laprise
16 Deblois, Cyprien, 11th VT INF  
17 Fernette, William, 11th VT INF William Frenette
18 Germain, Charles E., 81st NY INF Germain - Langlois
19 Germain, Freeman, 7th VT INF, 1st VT CAV  
20 Gladue, Jean Baptiste, 142nd NY INF John Clodgo, John Clogger
21 Green, John, 1st VT CAV  
22 Hurtubies, Paschal L., 2nd VT LARTY Louis Pascal Hurtubise
23 Johnson, Eber, 5th VT INF Hubert Lusignan dit Amiel
24 Jordan, Lewis, 7th NH INF  
25 Lander, Peter Jr., 1st VT CAV Pierre Therrien
25a Lander, 3 Peters and 1 Charles 3 Pierres & Charles Therrien
26 Lapier, Joseph, 6th VT INF  
27 Lashway, Joseph, 48th NY INF  
28 Lavake, Joseph S., 2nd VT INF  
29 Lavine, John, 2nd VT INF Cyprien Brodeur-Lavigne
30* Lawrence, Dominick, 7th VT INF Stone not found
31 Lessor, John, 5th VT INF  
32* McCullough, Thomas, 1st VT CAV Stone not found
33 Miller, Edward, 1st VT LARTY Cleophas Desmoulin dit Fontenau
34 Miner, Henry, 10th VT INF  
35 Mitchell, Clement, 1st VT CAV, 1st VT LARTY  
36 Mitchell, David, 13th VT INF  
37 Mitchell, Jacob, 2nd VT INF  
38 Monta, Joseph, 7th VT INF  
39 Morris, William, 11th VT INF Guillaume Chaput dit Maurice
40 Mossey, Antoine, 3rd MA CAV Antoine Masse alias Anthony Massa
41 Muir, John, 41st NY INF  
42 Muir, Lewis, 5th VT INF  
43 Paro, Constant, 118th NY INF  
44 Pichot, Henry, 128th USCI, 1st NY ENGNRS  
45 Provost, Antoine, 3rd VT INF  
46 Robears, John, 7th VT INF  
47 Roberts, Louis, 12th VT INF Louis Roberge
48* Robinson, Paul, 40th NY INF Thimothee Napoleon Robidoux * in Annex cemetery
49 Rowe, Amos, 169th NY INF  
50 Saint Peter, Charles, 11th CT INF  
51 Scarbo, John, 3rd VT LARTY, VRC Jean Baptiste Lescarbeau; Scarbaugh when in Illinois
52 Shiatt, Francis, 2nd VT LARTY, 1st VT HARTY CO Francis Brault dit Chaillot
53 Tatro, Joseph, 10th VT INF  
54 Tatro, Louis, 7th VT INF Louis Gonzague Tetreau
55* Valiquette, Joseph, 1st MI SS Stone not found
56 Vansan, Charles, 3rd NH INF  
57 Vidal, Francis, 10th VT INF Francis Xavier Vidal
58 Videll, Israel, 7th VT INF, 13th VT INF Isaie Vidal
59 Villemaer, John, 1st VT CAV Jean Baptiste Girouard-Villemaire; Gilmore; Gillmar
60 Francis, William  
61 Garrow, Oliver Garand, Olivier ... (Orig. thought to be in St Joseph Cemetery)


Before 1878 St Joseph Church used the St Joseph Cemetery owned by the Cathedral

Name and Unit
Birth or Alias names
Alix, Hypolite  
Stephen Lovejoy Stephen Lajoie also Lashua - surname = Drogue
Joseph Girard  
Joseph Laplant Joseph Bonnier dit Laplant
Frank O'Clair Francis Auclair
6 Nathaniel Amory Tucker  


Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT
Name and Unit
Birth or Alias names
Henry Chiott 1st cousin to Francis Shiatte Henry Brault dit Chaillot
Charles H. Cota Charles H. Cote / Cotte
John Greenwood Jean Baptiste Boisvert
Steady - 7 soldiers in Family Giboin dit Tranquille
Octave Tebo / Tabo Octave Thibault
Charles Stone Charles Meunier dit Lapierre


Misc. Soldiers

Name and Unit
Birth or Alias names
Raphael Poissant 83rd NY Infantry Co. I The only Poissant in the Civil War


NOTE: St Joseph Parish was built by French Canadians in 1850 and therefore most burials were French Canadians.
Many names were anglicized as you will find when reading these historical descriptions.

NOTE: The above list of Names and Units was copied from the "Vermont in the Civil War" Virtual Cemetery website at