Thanks to Jane Gariepy and Gary Farrell for their hospitality again this year.

All we had to bring this year was our Wits.

It was a very enjoyable 80 degrees with lots of sun, which raised havoc with our cameras.

Pics from Carleen & John. Please send more.

Jane Gariepy & Gary Farrell

Our Hostess & Host - Thank You!

Carolyn, Lynn & Julie

Julie, Jane, Peg & Carolyn

Mary Ann, Emery, Roland & Phil


John, Bob, Carol & Joyce

Chet & Ron

Jane, Carolyn, Gary & Dick

Carol, Jan & Claire


Mary Ann & Joan

Bob, Carol & Joyce

Jan, Chet, Danny, Lynn -- Peg & Carol -- Ron & Gary

Emery, John, Peter, Bob & Phil

Mostly backs

Mary Ann, Carol, Emery, Bob & Gary


What are they looking at?


Gloria Dufresne & Phil


Carleen, Claire & Jan Laramee


Gloria & everyone.


Mary Ann, Jane and we're saying our goodbye's now.