Thanks to Jane Gariepy and Gary Farrell for their hospitality again this year on 17 July 2016.

All we had to bring this year was our Salads and Desserts (YUMMY).

It was a very enjoyable 86 degrees with lots of sun.

Pics from John. Please send more.

Kathy Fisher and Bob Desautels in their beautiful shirts!


Lynn and Danny Clark and Bob Desautels and John Cannizarro


Chet Brunell, Gary Farrell, Kathy Fisher, Joyce Desautels and Barb Dion


Carleen Lehoullier, Carol Tilley and Joan Cannizarro


Bob Dion, Brian Burns and Phil Delaricheliere


Carol Brunell and Jane Farrell


Carol Brunell, Jane Farrell, Joyce Desautels and Barb Dion


John, Charlene and Joan Cannizarro again


Gary Farrell and Ron Brunelle


Lynn Merrilee and Danny Clark and Kathy Fisher


Barb & Bob Dion and Brian Burns


Jim and Judy Smith and Roland Dion


John, Charlene and Joan Cannizarro


Jane and Carleen with the dessert


Photos taken by Carleen

Carol Tilley, Roland Dion, Bob Tilley and Gary Farrell


Chet Brunnel, Bob desautels and James Smith


Phil Delaricheliere and Bob Dion


Barbara Dion, Carol Tilley and Gloria Dufresne


Charlene Cannizarro and Kathy Fisher and Phil in Background


Jane Gariepy Farrell, Judy Michaud Smith, Ron and Gloria Dufresne


Carolyn Mckenzie, Jane Farrell, Peter Bessery and his wife Nancy.