Cathedral High School Class of 1958

Pictures of our 2008 50th Reunion

50th Class Reunion is scheduled for August of 2008

Friday, August 1 - Italian Dinner at 5pm at Janes House Map
Saturday, August 2 - Cocktail Hour & Dinner at the Elks Club at 6pm Map
Sunday, August 3 - Mass at 10am at the Cathedral and Brunch at the Elks Club

You will be receiving a letter from the 50th Reunion Committee with information about our 50th Reunion plans, which also includes a request for your biographical information. We will be publishing a 50th Reunion Book for our class. You can either return the form in our self-addressed return envelope, along with your photo's; or send an email with your photo's attached to ( Please indicate also whether you are currently planning to attend.


Planning the 50th Class Reunion

Your 50th Reunion Committee

Back: Carleen (Gravel) & Michael Lehouiller, Anita (Prim) & Maurice Brodeur, Jane (Gariepy) Farrell, Ron Brunell, Joyce (Guyette) & Bob Desautels; Front: John Cannizzaro & John Fisher (Missing are Joan (Safford) Cannizzaro, Barb (Corley) & Bob Dion)

50th Year Aniversary of the Graduation of the Class of 1958 --- Communications sent to our Classmates
21 Aug 2007 Email sent to all email addresses on the website about the 50th
05 Oct 2007 50th Information Letter
50th Biography Sample ----- Fill in the Sample Form Online ----- Fill in a blank form Online
50th Biography Sheet ------- Fill it in Online .......(You need a Microsoft Word compatible program)
You can either fill in the paperwork that we mailed to you, and use the stamped self-addressed envelope; or you can fill in the information Online and email it to me at Please let us know if you plan to attend the 50th in Aug 2007.

Photo's by Carleen Gravel Lehouiller

John Dower, Julia Lawler Palmer and Roland Dion
Janet Laramee, Virginia Fargione Swallow, Carleen Gravel Lehouiller
Roland Dion, John Childs, Royce Pollard, Ron Paquette and wife Priscilla & John Casey
Barbara Joachim , David Joachim, Phil DeLaricheliere, Robert Poulin, Lionel Fay & Judy English te. Riele
Andy Lord , Ann & Jim Tuxbury, Kenneth Bissonette, Claire Forcier Smith, Ted Yandow, Cathy Bissonette, Patricia & Ron Grow
Lionel Fay, Dick Meunier, Phil DeLaricheliere & Ed Couture and front is Jeannette Bishop Racine, Alice Lussier Sutton, Judy English te. Riele, Carol Lapointe Boisvert
Standing are Claire Forcier Smith, Pat Metras Dever, Mary Ann Quinn Corey & Sonya Bonk
Carleen Gravel Lehouiller & Ed Couture
Royce Pollard, Joyce Guyette Desautels, John Childs, John Dower, Gloria Coleman Lemon and Husband John
Anita Prim Brodeur, John Sharpley, Ron Paquette, Ken & Cathy Bissonette in back, Ron Brunell, Emery Corey & Roland Dion
John Casey & Brian Burns
Carmen Dufresne Cross, Carleen Gravel Lehouiller & Chet Brenell
David Joachim & John Fisher
John Dower & Michael Lehouiller cleaning the Farrell's lawn from the car
Maurice Brodeur & Thomas Shepard
Judy English te. Riele, Jane Gariepy Farrell, Joyce Guyette Desautels, Gary Farrell and Anita Prim Brodeur
Bob Racicot and wife Sandra
John Casey, Phil Joachim and wife Judy
Bob Dion, Barb Corley Dion & Joyce Guyette Desautels
James Smith and wife Judy Smith, Pete Nash
Gloria Coleman Lemon, Margaret Gonyo Brigante and husband Peter
Virginia Fargione Swallow, Brenda Leclair Benoure and husband Robert
Keith Peters and wife Mary Ann
Ann Bernadini Tuxbury, Patricia Grow and Ron Grow
Emery Corey, Mary Ann Quinn Corey & Sally Sharpley, John Sharpley & Ed Couture
Emery Corey, Sally Sharpley, John Sharpley, Kathryn & Ed Couture
Judy English te. Riele & Mary O'Brien Sladyk
Dick Meunier & wife Marguerite
Carol Thibault Tilley and Roland Dion; Bob Tilley and Carolyn Lavallee McKenzie
Carmen Dufresne Cross
John Dower
Carol Thibault Tilley and husband Bob, Dick Meunier, Phil DeLaricheliere & wife Linda Longe & Mary Ann Quinn Corey
Emery Corey, Patricia Metras Dever, Sonya Bonk & Carmen Dufresne Cross
Kathy Fisher, John & Gloria Coleman Lemon, Bob Benoure, Margeret Gonyo Brigante & Peter & Brenda Leclair Benoure
Royce Pollard, Sally Sharpley, John Casey, Phil Joachim, Gary Farrell and Jane Gariepy Farrell
Peter Potts and Carol Bedard Potts, Roland Dion and wife Julie, Claire Audet Loyer
David Joachim, Judy Smith, James Smith, Bob Dion, Barbara Bissonnette Poulin and husband Robert Poulin, Barbara Joachim
John Dower cleaning the car

Photo's by Ronald Brunell "Chebits"

Ann Brunell and Ron Brunell
Kathy and John Fisher, Robert Desautels, Jane Gariepy Farrell, Joyce Guyette Desautels and Barbara Corley Dion
Ron and Carol Brunell - smack him Carol!
Ann Brunell, Father Tom Nadeau and Ron Brunell
Barbara Corley Dion and Bob Brunette (Husband of Gloria Dufresne)
Dick Stevens and Sandra Brown Stevens
Our 50th Cake
Judy Joachim, Judy Smith and James Smith
Sandra Brown Stevens, Carol & Jim Ploof
Ann Bernadini Tuxbury
Carol & Jim Ploof
David Joachim & Robert Desautels
Charlene & John Cannizzaro, Sally Lumbra Lord & Andy Lord, Father Ball, Leo Duncan, Judy English te. Riele & Ed Worcester
Bob Tilley and Carol Thibault Tilley
Margaret Gonyo Brigante and Brenda Leclair Benoure
Andy Lord, Carol Bedard Potts, Leo Duncan, Emery Corey & Sally Lumbra Lord
Brian Burns, Ed Worcester and Gary Farrell
Ken Bissonette and Joan Safford Cannizzaro
Mary Ann Peters, Jim and Ann Tuxbury
Kathryn & Ed Couture
Bob Dion and Barbara Corley Dion
Mary Ann and Keith Peters with our 50th Treasure Book
Thomas & Cynthia Shepard and John Fisher
Jeannette Bishop Racine
Joyce Guyette Desautels
Kathleen Desany Fisher and Julie Dion
Joyce Guyette Desautels and Virginia Fargione Swallow
Barbara Corley Dion and Claire Forcier Smith


Photo's by Edward Worcester

Bob Desautels, John Casey and Jim Tuxbury
Joyce Guyette Desautels and Leo Duncan
Dick and Sandra Brown Stevens
Shirley Yandow and Janet Begin Mayette
Pat Metras Devers, Claire Forcier Smith and Sonya Bonk
Jeannette Bishop Racine, Joyce Guyette Desautels, Bob Tilley and Emery Corey
Ed and Kathryn Couture
Kathy Fisher and Ann Brunell
Judy and James Smith
Marguerite and Dick Meunier
Joyce Guyette Desautels
Chet and Ann Brunell and Kathy Fisher
John Dower, Barbara Corley Dion and Butch Dion
Gloria Coleman Lemon, John Lemon and John Cannizzaro
Joan Safford Cannizzaro and John Dower
John and Sally Sharpley
Carol Thibault Tilley and Emery Corey
Ron and Priscilla Paquette
Michael Lehouiller