1945 Minstrel Show

A Boy Scout Benefit at St. Joseph School, Burlington, Vermont

A Minstrel Musical directed by Arthur J. Dorey Sr. and promoted by Ransom Latour


Photographed by Louis L. McAllister; photo artist Home at 47 No. Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT.




Row Position Persons name
2 2nd from right Eleonore Desautels from St Louis Street
2 6th from the left Arthur Fisher from 30 Decatur Street
4 13th from left Marie Bourassa Fisher from 30 Decatur Street
4 1st from right Ransom Latour
3 from right Cecile Bouchard from 18 Decatur St.; Jacqueline Fisher from 30 Decatur St.
4 14 & 15 from left Ursula Schmaldienst and her sister Izzie Monette
top tallest Larry Monette
1st middle little girl Mary Lou Piche was a singer