Rice Memorial High School Class of 1961


Rice Memorial High School

Committee: Lucille Sweet, Bob Denning, Roger Hayes, Loren English, and Tess Carp

Pics for our 57th Reunion at Noreen's House

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Lucille Sweet at:

81 Wells Ave Unit 3, Colchester, VT 05446

Tel: 802.872.1182 ------ Cell: 802.999.7176

Email: Lucille Sweet


Our Freshman Year was at Pomeroy on North Street

The first half of our Sophomore Year was at Cathedral High
on Pearl Street

We Completed our Education at the new Rice Memorial High School


Click on the items below to see some great Pics and History


Pics for our 57th Reunion at Noreen's House

Pics for our 56th Reunion at Russell's House

Pics for our 55th Reunion at the St Johns Club

Pics for our 55th Reunion at Rice Memorial High School

Pics for our 55th Reunion at the Elks Club

Pics for our 55th Reunion at St Joseph Co-Cathedral and the Holiday Inn

Eighty-six Photos of the Reunion weekend taken by Wayne Beauchemin

PICS from Claire Hurteau Alfano in 2016

PICS of the 2015 54th Reunion

PICS of the 2014 53nd Reunion

PICS of the 2013 52nd Reunion

PICS of the 2011 50th Reunion

PICS of the 2010 49th Reunion

PICS of the 2009 48th Reunion

PICS of the 2008 47th Reunion

PICS of the 2007 46th Reunion

PICS of the 2006 45th Reunion

PICS of the 2005 44th Reunion


Do You Know Where These Classmates Are?

If YES, Please contact Lucille and give her the information.

    Susan Lavallee Burbo Rivers
Alan Menard Jacqueline Menard Walton Denise Bouchard Bonk
Daniel Stone Mary Ann Goodrich Low George Maynard



Click to hear

RMHS Victory Song (Actually Notre Dame's)

Cheer, cheer for old C.H.S.
Don't think of stopping to rest
Send those fighting cheers on high
Shake down the thunder
From the sky!

Although the odds
Be big or small
Old C.H.S. will
Win over all

While our loyal sons are fighting
Onward to Victory!!


Fr Wendell Searles


In Memoriam

Patricia Arnold (Howe)
Mark Archambault
Larry Augustine
Patricia Barnes (Jaro)
Ronald Benoit
Robert Bessette
John Bissonnette
Ruth Blair (Messier)
Bernard Bombard Oct 2017
Janice Bourgault (Stagnone)
William (Bill) Brueckner Oct 2018
David Buchanan
Robert Carver
Richard Charron
Miles Chicoine
Patricia Cox (Shaw)
Norma Danis
Brenda Delorme (Nolin)
Connie Devino Rudnick
Lawrence Donlin
John Donoghue
Jim Farrell
Sherry Fleece (Colompos)
James Gravel
Charles Gunn
Hugh Halpin
Frances Harte Vanlandingham
Andre Hatin
Robert Hebert
John Henry Feb 2015
Sharon Hunter
Edward LaBombard Feb 2015
John Larkin
Richard Marquis

Norman "Buzzy" Mercure
Kathleen Miles (Brown)
Robert Moisan
Joan Mongeon (Audette)
Don Moquin
Mary Anne Moulton (McSweeney)
Donald Pasha
Joyce Quintal Corey
John Raymond
Frank Schmitt
Bonnie Shea (Rock)
John 'Skip" Shepard
Mary Beth Sorrell (Allen)
Paul Therrien
Russell Tilley
Priscilla Welcome
Harold Wimette
Joyce Wright (Sullivan) Feb 2015
Charles Yandow


E-mail a Rice 1961 Classmate
Abair, Alan & Lucy
Allen, Joyce & Kenneth Perrotte
Anderson, Richard
Audette, Susan & Tony Villanti
Audy, Byron & Judy
Barrows, Mary Cronin
Barsalou, Elaine Gregory
Barsalou, Madelaine Racine
Beck, Sharon Roy
Benoit, Sandy Marr
Bissonnette, John & Ann
Bombard, Bernard & Shirley
Bove, Michael ... His Website
Brault, Rachel O'Brien & Ken
Bruneau, Bernard
Brynn, Susan
Burns, Theresa Carp & Duane
Campbell, Joan Sutton
Carman, Pat Boucher & Bob
Cheltra, Marlene Zajan
Clairmont, Ann DesLauriers
Corey, Sandra & Dan O'Brien
Cote, Lyman
Couture, Jim & Doreen Mongeon
D'Acuti, Donna
Decarreau, Frank
Deforge, Lou
Denning, Bob
Desany, Kathleen Fisher & John ... John's Websites
Dion, Mary Lou Contois
Duclos, Polly Frankenfield & Leigh
Duquette, Carol Reese
Echo, Craig & Andrea
English, Irene Irish
English, Loren & Pat
Farrell, James
Fay, Mary Jane Winterbottom
Fayette, Amy
Fisher, David & Claudette
Foss, Shirley & Bob Polworth
Fredericks, Bob & Diana
Fredericks, Franz
Germain, Janet Page & Chris
Giroux, Norman
Guerino, Janet Simard & Dan
Guillemette, Marguerite Meunier
Guyette, Charles
Handy, Bernadette Caffrey & Jim
Hayden, Hal & Peggy
Hayes, Roger & Sue
Holland, Mike & Shelly
Hurteau, Claire Alfano
Izzo, Louis & Carol Niquette
Kaufman, Gail Jackson & Stan
Keller, Lori Luke & Bob
Kieslich, Allen & Anne Marie
Lafayette, Mark
Lampman, Peter
Larrow, Barbara Walsh & Maurice
Lauzon, Noreen Murphy & Liam
Lavallee, Marilyn Deforge
Lavalley, Carolyn Martin
Lehouillier, Fran Beauchemin & Wayne
Lendway, Joseph
Leonard, Paul
Lesage, Cecile & Gerald West
Longe, Ed & Sandra
Lynch, Richard
Mahoney, Edward & Liz
Manor, Carolyn Moreau
Martin, Carolyn Barchi & Bob
Mayo, Tom
McCaffrey, Linda
McGowan, Mary Pat Thompson & Bill
McKenzie, Judy Ziccolella & Vinnie
McLaughlin, John (Diana)
McSweeney, Martha Economou & Dean
Mercure, John & Barbara
Mongeon, Doreen & Jim Couture
Morin, Carolyn & Roland Bergeron
Morin, Laraine Duchaine & George
Niquette, Carol & Louis Izzo
Niquette, Russell
O'Hagan, Susan Patenaude & Gary
Polworth, Bob & Shirley Foss
Premo, Jerry & Peggy
Quesnel, Lena Baccei & Tom
Quinn, Matt & Judy
Rayta, Margaret Lavigne
Riley, Margaret Gilbert & Gordon
Rivers, Kathy Libby & Paul
Rivers, Mike
Rogers, Pat & Tom Mongeon
Soutiere, Audrey Cimono
St Laurent, Norm
St Peter, Stella Babel
Sylvester, Gail Cashman & Edward
Thayer, Kathy Charter
Tuxbury, Larry
Valyou, Sandy Fite
Verret, Alice Reed
Villanti, Tony & Susan Audette
Villemaire, Paul & Lois
Walsh, Lawrence
Woodard, Richard & Barbara
Wright, Patricia

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Bob Carver

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