Cathedral High School

Class of 1958

Burlington, Vermont

Our Class Celebrated a Great 60th Reunion!

It took place on the 17th and 19th of August 2018

Check out the photos of our 60th Reunion in August 2018

Our Committee worked hard for about a year.

Send any email changes or address changes to John at jrfishersr

Maybe we will have a 65th Reunion also.


CHS Victory Song (Actually Notre Dame's)

Cheer, cheer for old C.H.S.
Don't think of stopping to rest
Send those fighting cheers on high
Shake down the thunder
From the sky!

Although the odds be big or small
Old C.H.S. will win over all
While our loyal sons are fighting
Onward to Victory!!


1958 Class Picture (very big)


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The picture on the left was taken at our 40th Reunion.

It was excellent. I hope that we can get another at our 50th. Hope that everyone will attend.

Click on the photo for a very large version.

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Were Living during our 50th!
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Check Out these Photo's and History of the original
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Burlington, VT


Take a look at Burlington via the many webcams below.

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Atd = Attending = If "y" then they plan to attend the 50th next August
Bio = Biography done - The book will be printed later
Pic = If underlined; Click to view their pic; else none was submitted

Audet, Claire Loyer        
Bedard, Carol Potts y      
Bessery, Peter y y   No pics
Bishop, Jeannette Racine y y pic Jeannette and Harold The Family
Bissonette, Ken y y pic Ken and wife Catherine Dumas Bissonette
Blair, Mary Coolidge        
Blanchard, Richard        
Boileau, Sandra Trudo        
Bombard, Richard        
Bonk, Sonya y y pic Sonia
Bossi, Sandra Boyer        
Boutin, Bernard y      
Boyer, Geron Millette        
Brault, Doris Alberts y y   Doris
Brigham, Mary Ellen Campbell        
Brodeur, Prim, Anita



pic Maurice "Moe" and Anita in 2007
Brouillard, Linda Killoran       Pics of Linda's Family
Brown, Sandra Stevens y y pic Sandra & Richard Stevens Family Pic
Brunell, Chet and Ann y y pic Chet & Ann Family Their family
Brunell, Ron and Carol y y pic Ron & Carol in their new 'green' vehicle
Burleigh, Linda Smith   y pic Linda
Burns, Brian y     Brian w Jacket . . Brian w CHS Banner
Cannizzaro, John y y   Hope to get a picture to put here
Casey, John y y pic John John & Girls John's 58 Chevrolet
Childs, John y y pic John at home in Fort Edward, NY The CHILDS Family - deceased
Chouinard, Jerry n y Jerry & Terri Lynn with children Michael & Michelle, spouses & grandchildren Jerry Wedding Day
Clark, Danny        
Coleman, Gloria Lemon y y pic Gloria and John
Comolli, Margaret Grinnell        
Corey, Emery &
Quinn, Mary Ann


pic Emery Corey and Mary Ann Quinn
Couture, Edward y y pic Edward and Kathryn
Coyle, Annette Baronoski n y pic Annette & Dan (deceased) Her daughters Family
Coyne, Ralph        
DeLaricheliere, Phil y y pic Phil and Linda Fisherman Phil with a big catch!
Delisle, Joyce        
Desautels, Bob &
Guyette, Joyce


y pic Bob and Joyce Today Back Then in 1958
Devino, Lillian Couillard        
Dion, Butch &
Corley, Barbara



pic Butch Dion and Barbara Corley
Dion, Roland y y pic Roland & Julie's Family
Dower, John y   pic John & Barbara with Robert & Timmy on vacation in Alaska Midlife Crisis
Dufresne, Carmen Cross y y pic Carmen & grandchild
Dufresne, Gloria Brunette        
Dutra, Sandra Dragon        
English, Judith te. Riele y y pic Judy and William with children and grandchildren
Fargione, Virginia Swallow y y pic Virginia, Fred at wedding.
Fay, Lionel y      
Fayette, Kathy Baumann y y pic Kathy & Walter and children at wedding in 2006
Fisher, John y y Taken at the Windjammer for our daughter Lynn's marriage in 2006. Pic2 Hula Pic3 J&K
Forcier, Claire Smith y y pic Claire & Dick Family Top: Katie, Dick, Kelsea, Patty Bot: Cindy, Meghan & Scott
Gariepy, Jane Farrell y y pic Jane & Gary Family The Farrell Family
Gonyo, Margaret Brigante y y pic Margaret Gonyo Brigante and husband Peter
Grow, Ronald y y pic Ron enjoying an Alaskan delicacy Family Ron & Pat
Harrington, Maureen Cagliuso n y pic Maureen, George & Family Grandchildren Maureens Art1 Maureens Art2
Joachim, David y y    
Joachim, Phil y y pic Phil & Judy Family at Christmas With their 2 daughters families
Kehoe, Sheila Diggle y y pic Sheila and daughter Kate
Laberge, Albert (daughters email)       Albert and Danielle 2013 Peru NY Shooting Match . . Albert 2015
Laberge, Louis        
Langlois, Patsy Gamelin     pic Patsy Langlois and Larry Gamelin
Lapointe, Carol Boisvert y y pic Carol with Milzie and Peanut
Larkin, James        
Lavalette, Frank        
Lavallee, Carolyn Mckenzie y y pic Carolyn's pic
Lavallee, Roderick        
Lawler, Julia Palmer y y pic Julia & Gary Son Daniel, granddaughter Meghan, and Julia in Bermuda, 2007
Leclair, Brenda Benoure y y pic Brenda & Bob pic Brenda and Bob and their seven children - 58th Anniv pic
Lehouiller, Mike &
Gravel, Carleen



pic Mike & Carleen with son Jay & dau. Lori and granddaughter, Kesley; grandson, Austin; and Jay's wife, Ellen Mike and Carleen in Oahu, HI
Lendway, Carol Coltran        
Lumbra, Sally Lord y y pic Sally in 2008
Lussier, Alice Sutton   y pic Alice and Harley Family Their Family Photo Alice
Mahoney, Ann Woglom   y   Hope to get a picture to put here
Manor, Coleen Hotchkiss        
Mayette, William (deceased) &
Begin, Janet (deceased)



pic Bill and Janet
Mazza, Ron        
McCaffrey, Sharon Conova        
McCarty, Martha Root        
McGrath, Beverly Chausse        
McGuire, Phyllis        
Metras, Patricia Dever y y pic Easter Sunday 1996 - Terri, Christy, Kathy, Hugh, Lynn, Patty & Kim
Meunier, Dick y y pic Dick and Peg with their great grandson Logan
Millette, Kathleen Pacha n y pic Kathleen's Family at her son Chad's wedding.
Muir, Marilyn Farrington        
Nash, Peter   y    
Obrien, Mary Sladyk y y pic Mary and her Family
Paquette, Ronald y y pic Ron on the phone pic Ron & Priscilla wed 2007
Patnode, Joan Bromley        
Pearo, Mike n y pic Mike receiving 45 yr Coaching award from Fr. Bourgeois In Berlin
Peters, Keith y y   no pics
Pollard, Royce y y pic Royce and Royce III Royce and Stanley Child to Work Libbi Dori Stanley FATHERS DAY 2008 . . 3Gens
Poney, Armand n y pic Armand and Patricia
Premo, Gregory y y pic Greg and Polly Latest Pic-Greg and Alice
Racicot, Bob y y pic Bob & Sandra Family The Family in 2005
Reid, James n y pic Jim . His Website . ACTOR-VOICE TALENT1 . ACTOR-VOICE TALENT2
Risik, Daniel     pic Dan with his grandson in May 2007
Safford, Joan Cannizzaro y y pic Joan, Angelo & Family on their 40th Anniversary in September, 2000
Sharpley, John y y pic John & Sally Their Family
Shepard, Tom y      
Smith, James y      
Smith, Rita Cardinal     pic Rita Walter and Family
Stankwich, Barbara Cusson        
Thibault, Aline Bernard n y pic Aline & Dick on their 2006 Alaska Cruise with daughters Judy & Lorie
Thibault, Carol Tilley y y pic Carol and husband Bob Tilley
Trombley, Carol        
Tuxbury, Jim y y pic Jim and Ann Bernardini; created by Jim - Great effort! - His US Navy Ship Visit Jim's Website
Varricchione, Judy        
Villemaire, Carl        
Worcester, Ed y      
Yandow, Ted y y pic Ted & Shirley Their Family
Yates, Mary   y   No pic
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In Memoriam

Ellen Allard Boucher
Betsy Allen
Claire Audette Gates
died Morrisville, NY
John Beauchemin
Janet Begin Mayette
Mary Ann Benoit Griffin
Barbara Bissonnette Poulin
Sonia Bonk
Harry Bourgeois
Underhill Ctr
Doris Brault Alberts
Maurice Brodeur
Sheila Brown Pratt
Linda Burleigh Smith
John O. Casey
John J. Childs
Carol Corey Duncan
Barbara Cota Worcester
Annette Coyle Baronoski
Phil Delaricheliere
Michael Desautels
Joan Desautels Bolduc
Lillian Devino Couillard
Paul Devino
Robert Genest
Albert George
Marie Gratton Deforge
Mary Lou Fitzgerald McGregor
Roland Gratton
Ronald F. Grow
Norman B. Hatin
Richard Hebert
Melinda Hogan Trujillo
David Joachim
Mary Kadas Allard
Norman LaBelle
Louis Laberge
Carol Ann Lapointe Boisvert
Janet Laramee
Conrad Lavigne
Michael Lehouiller
William Mayette
Robert Meunier
Yvette Monty Luchini
Judy Muir Collins
Barre, VT
Kathleen Twiss Murphy (Best) (Peterson)
Harold Pouliot
East Randolph
James Ploof
Arthur G. Provost
Sandra Prudenzano Alberts
Marie Ann Quesnel St. John
Daytona Beach, FL
Aline Thibault Bernard
Francoise Thibault Brodeur
Carl Villemaire
Mary T. Yates


1958 Cathedral High School Classmates
Military Service

Major Unit
Photo - click on pics below
Ken Bissonette

Vermont Air National Guard -- 1958 - 1994 ---- F-102 Delta Dart

Moe Brodeur
US Navy 1959-61
USS Bushnell AS 15 Sub Tender - Key West, FL
Chet Brunell
US Navy 1958-61
USS Joseph P Kennedy DD-850
John Cannizzaro
U S Air Force 1962-1966
John Childs
US Navy
Naval Air Development Unit, So. Weymouth, MA
Jerry Chouinard
US Navy 1958-62
ET2 on the USS Arcadia AD23
Emery Corey
US Army
Army Radio Broadcasting
Edward Couture
USAF 1962 --1970
1973-1990 Reserves Pentagon HQ USAF Logistics
Butch Dion
US Navy 1959-63
USS Hazelwood DD-531
John Fisher more
US Navy 1958-62
VP-10 P2V Neptune Submarine Hunter
Ron Grow
US Navy 1958-60
Dave Joachim
US Air Force 1959-62
Electronic Intelligence Gathering
Bill Mayette
US Army
11th Armored Cavalry
Dick Meunier
US Army
Royce Pollard
US Army
Armand Pony
US Army 1958-98
Robert Racicot
U.S. Air Force 1958-62
Electronic Communications
Dan Risik
U. S. Air Force 1962-83
Material Management/Supply Management
John Sharpley
Air National Guard

Air National Guard: BTV from 1957 to 1960 - Base Supply
ANG: Missouri - 1961 to 1964. - Refueling RF-84 Thunderjets

James Tuxbury
US Navy

USS Cassin Young DD-793
& USS Dealey DE-1006

Please e-mail me your military information. John Fisher


James Tuxbury's "Steel Deck Navy" Website

Rice Field Dedication Story

Mike Pearo retires from Coaching

Royce Pollard on the Web

Pollard, a 70-year-old Burlington, Vt., native, is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and former commander at Vancouver Barracks. He was appointed to the city council in February 1989 and elected to a full four-year term in 1991. In 1995, Pollard ran for mayor of Vancouver, Washington and was elected after Bruce Hagensen decided not to run for a fifth two-year term. Pollard was re-elected in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and served until December 2009.

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Mike & Carleen (Gravel) Lehouiller visit Royce in Vancouver, WA in 2007

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